Whenever I think of Beauty & Wellness, Purity & Natural Goodness has always come first for me. The journey of Aromatherapy has been such, that time & again I have come to encounter & experience the power of Nature’s healing.

Being married into the Tyagi family of Nehtaur, lifestyle & grooming came to be all about simple, natural ingredients in beauty recipes descending through generations of the royal household. Visits to our aromatic plantations back in Nehtaur were absolutely exquisite, replete with natural foliage & blooms, the breeze trailing in their enchanting aroma & enveloping me in verdure freshness.

What started it all I would say, was my encounter with the healing power of natural herbs & fragrant oils during my pregnancy, their natural goodness oh-so-therapeutic & rejuvenating. Someone who has been prone to all sorts of allergies, the healing of natural potions & oils as suggested by my grandmother-in-law did absolute wonders. Be it a pack of turmeric & yoghurt, henna for cooling my hands & feet or jasmine herbs for calming the senses, the body responded favourably to these natural concoctions, such was their potency.

Post the birth of my first child, my curiosity towards understanding the power of Natural ingredients & Essential Oils further stoked my interest in the science of Aromatherapy, its journey, now come to mean a lot more than the discipline itself – sharing my everyday life & experiences with people, while healing my way through the wonder that Nature is.

In sessions with family, friends & clients, I come across so many questions whose answer I figured, should be out open in the world – for people to imbibe the knowledge & understand its value, for it to truly make a difference. The idea & intention behind Wikka & penning this down today, has always been to reach farther & well beyond the boundaries of our potions, to share this knowledge and make it a part of your everyday life, just as it is in mine.

And so has this journey begun, exploring the earth’s casket & recreating an unadulterated world of pure & natural, away from the stress of modern lives – you & me together, making it a better place to be. For this & more, I wish to share with you ‘Earth. Life. Healing by Rupal Shabnam Tyagi’, wanting each one of you to be a part of my journey, & experience the power of Aromatherapy & Nature’s healing…

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