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Best Aromatherapy Expert in Delhi

Best Aromatherapy Expert

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi isn’t your average Aromatherapy expert. Her journey is a unique blend of royal heritage, scientific background, and a passion for natural wellness. This confluence of experiences has made her a leader in the field, not just in India, but globally.

From Royal Rituals to Refined Expertise

Rupal’s story begins with a fascinating twist. A computer science graduate with a postgraduate degree, she married into a royal family, gaining firsthand exposure to ancient beauty traditions passed down through generations. These practices, centered on pure and natural ingredients, sparked a curiosity that would define her career path.

A Pioneering Spirit

Fueled by this newfound passion, Rupal embarked on a quest to learn Aromatherapy. She traveled to London and qualified as a practitioner, returning to India to establish the country’s first dedicated Aromatherapy clinic. Here, she achieved remarkable results, treating a wide range of ailments from chronic pain to skin conditions. Her secret? Customized blends of pure essential oils, formulated with meticulous care for each client’s specific needs.

Beyond Healing: The Power of Fragrance

Rupal’s expertise extends beyond healing. As a certified perfumer, she crafts bespoke fragrances for individuals and companies. These signature scents aren’t just pleasant; they are strategically designed to create a distinct brand identity and influence customer behavior through the power of aroma.

Wikka: A Legacy of Purity

Rupal’s commitment to natural ingredients led her to delve deeper into Organic Skin Science. This knowledge culminated in the creation of Wikka, her very own brand of natural skincare products. Inspired by the royal beauty rituals of her past, Wikka offers a range of handcrafted concoctions free from harmful chemicals.

A Vision for Wellness

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of Aromatherapy and natural wellness. Her dedication to purity, combined with her scientific background and unwavering passion, has positioned her as a true leader in this ever-evolving field. If you’re seeking an Aromatherapy expert who embodies tradition, innovation, and a commitment to holistic well-being, look no further than Rupal Shabnam Tyagi.

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