Aromatherapy – How it all began for me

Aromatherapy – How it all began for me

My connection with nature and healing through nature, traces its origin to way before my journey with Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a bonus that I’ve gifted to my fascination for Mother Earth. This fascination had established its roots within me way prior to my understanding of the complexities of modern life and living. I owe this connection to the environment I was raised in, by my parents, grandparents and caretakers. I was looked after by women belonging to native tribes of Jharkhand, who I witnessed had the most intimate bond with nature and primal living. As long as I can recall, they got me hooked to the marvels of nature and entwined my fascination for this glorious reality through their unabridged and rattling stories.

Since my early childhood I have been under the critical care of my Grandma, who treated all of my ailments with her natural remedies. Whenever I had a cold, she rubbed hot ghee onto my lymphatic points aiding as lymphatic drainage massage that helped with my early recovery and for throat infection, she used a dough ball with a lot of ghee and spread it on my chest. My mother, who pushed me towards using natural ingredients such as curd, gram flour, ghee instead of face wash, body wash or any other form of synthetic skin care products. All these memories of natural healing and their efficacy are engraved deep inside me. Thus, leading me to believe in the magic of nature that our older generation always talked about.

My first major encounter with the mystical qualities of Mother Earth ranges back to the 1980s when one of my nannies got affected with elephantiasis. Everyone was very concerned for her, especially me, who used to spend more than half of my day dawdling around her. She went back to her hometown a few days after the diagnosis and left all of us wondering whether  or not we’ll be able to meet again. And to our relief, she was back in 20 days with a cure to her problem, that too completely natural. And as the time passed, we witnessed her heal completely and this event re- established my believes in the natural ways of healing. This led me to promising myself that I will always use natural products in my skin care processes.

Unlike modern medicines, these natural healing techniques do not show any immediate action; yet their effects are long-lasting. Now, when I reflect upon the treasures nature hold, I realize how simplest of everyday life is supported by the invigorating healing balance of nature, how everything from the common cold to elephantiasis can be healed by using natural ingredients. Nature has an answer to everything; one can find pure ecstasy in its stillness. As Gary Snyder stated, “Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.” just a brush against its healing spirit will make you feel revived. My experience along this journey has imbibed in me the significance of simplicity and the importance of upholding the balance of nature in life and living. This has a major part in my choice of profession that provides ways of natural healing to everyone out there along with my marriage into a royal family which triggered my deep lying desire.

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  1. I am no expert, but yes I have e my fair share of success with aromatherapy. It’s great for health and beauty. Another way to stay close to nature

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