Monsoon & the many moods of our skin

Monsoon & the many moods of our skin













Are you someone who is currently munching on some delicious snacks made fresh from the kitchen and remembering the way your mom used to make it? Or are you someone who is enjoying a big cup of tea while looking at the rains from your balcony? Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, I know that you are enjoying the rainy season in your own way. Maybe with a whiff of nostalgia in the air coupled with some old favorite tracks and a loved one on the other side of the phone (or the sofa!). It is pure bliss. I have witnessed many monsoons like this one since I came to the capital city. I have also witnessed a lot of people complaining about the season and the skin problems that it brings along with it. Ironic isn’t it? Something so beautiful bringing so much of trouble in one way or the other. So today, I decided to solve your skin problems. Over the past few days, I’ve got messages from so many people, asking me about the date from which Wikka plans to start shipping for the orders. It’s really overwhelming to see people craving Wikka products so much. Though the gesture is heartwarming, I realize it’s a skin emergency too. So, for those people troubled by the season’s reaction on your skin, read on. Follow some or all of these tips religiously and soon all your worries will fade away. All that will remain, is your love for rains…

Tips/Tricks/Life-saving options

1) Moisturizers & Serums (Gel-based, water-based or oil-based?)- The general information goes like this, one should use Gel-based creams and water-based serums in the rainy season. But the advice from my side would be, use whatever suits you for the day. On the days when your skin feels too dry, go for an oil-based moisturizer. When it has sufficient moisture, choose gel or water-based products so that you don’t break out. Keep switching according to your skin needs.

2) Always follow the OGs (Water & Sunscreen) – Load your skin with tons of skincare or apply as many ‘masks’ you like, your skin will never be amazing without water. Splash your face regularly with plain water and see the difference. And for Sunscreen, one should remember never to skip it. Even on the days sans the sun. UV rays are there, even if you can’t see it (just like the virus).

3) The Essential S & S – Loving that Sheet Mask you just bought? While sheet masks are good for your skin, they can really not be good enough! Make your own at home (using Serum and a thick tissue which is ideal for the face). Apply Vit C Serum (the other S) all over your face and cover it with a lukewarm tissue and the skin absorbs it all!

4) What about Scrubbing? Before you apply all those fancy things make sure you scrub your skin well. Start with a walnut scrub and follow up with a face pack or the Beauty Potion from Wikka. Regular scrubbing helps unclog pores and makes you look radiant.

Some more tips-

-More than topical hydration, stay hydrated from within. Have lots of water, nimbu paani, and lemon & ginger tea in this weather. These drinks will help flush out the toxins and boost your Immunity.

-Observe your skin- It might be the weather but it also might be your hormonal fluctuations. Whatever it is, you need to watch out. Use different kinds of Moisturisers if need be. Listen to your skin, it tells you everything!

Treat your skin as if it knows things. It surely does! Monsoon is for food, nostalgia, music, and more. Don’t let the fear of acne and pimples trick you into believing otherwise. It’s a great day! Let your skin breathe in all things natural. Experiment, but with a confident mind. Let positivity find you and make you feel beautiful. Smile, a lot!


R.A.Arom(London), Aromatherapy Practitioner and Perfumer, Founder & Creative Director – Wikka
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