A Healthy, Relaxing Bath

My Idea of Luxury: A Healthy, Relaxing Bath

“The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day.”

– Hippocrates, The father of Medicine.

I myself have always been a keen admirer of long, healthy baths. And after realising the benefits it carries along, I have made it a necessity of my everyday routine. I could even say that a healthy bathing routine is my idea of modern day luxury. In the hectic schedule of today’s era, people seldom find time for a heartfelt cleansing and bathing routine.

A good, relaxing shower is the sheer necessity of your body as it works super hard everyday. It is the shield which fights directly with the harmful attributes of the atmosphere and even bear the consequences of your intakes and internal mechanisms. My routine starts with a quick shower in the morning which does not employ any chemicals or would say any bathing products at all except a few drops of essential oils to keep me refreshed throughout the day. There are two reasons for this. First being, lack of time but the need to look fresh and the second being, the importance of body oils to remain on our skin for long, which otherwise would be washed away if we use any bathing products. A Face Wash or a soap is not advised when you are starting your day.

The real treatment starts after I’m done with my day’s schedule. I come back home and wash my face thoroughly with a mixture of freshly prepared Dahi and fresh Haldi. Adding honey to this pack gives natural moisture to the face and helps you look young. The glow that it gives is incomparable! I am strictly against using harsh chemicals on my face as they strip off all the natural oils from the skin and disrupt the pH as well. For exfoliating the body skin, I begin with dry brushing. I gently brush my Lymph nodes for the lymphatic drainage. This helps keep the body healthy and disease free. Exfoliation is always a good idea when your skin is exposed to dust every single day.

The long awaited ritual of the relaxing bath follows this process of dry brushing and is prepared by adding few litres of fresh homemade buttermilk to the water in the bathtub. This gives natural moisturising to my body. At times I even replace it with whipped curd for same effects. This preparation is completed by adding a few drops of desired essential oil to the mixture as it is laden with therapeutic goodness and a feel-good factor. I let this detoxifying and relaxing combination pamper my body for a good 20 minutes. Always remember one thing, bathtub is a healthy and beneficial investment. So, never hesitate in getting one.

There are times when this bath seems too tedious to be employed to action. On these days, I always take a shower and use the completely natural bathing products from Wikka to detoxify my skin. I go with the Lavender Face Wash, Bergamot Shower Gel and the essential oils. These ingredients repair, replenish and boost the overall skin health and work as Antiseptic and Anti-Aging Vitales. These are the only products that I trust apart from my regular Dahi, Haldi and Buttermilk. For further hydration, I always go by water based serums. These don’t clog the pores and you don’t get an oily feel. The skin remains non greasy yet soft and hydrated.

Your skin deserves health and happiness. #go_natural. #invest_in_yourself.

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R.A.Arom(London), Aromatherapy Practitioner and Perfumer, Founder & Creative Director – Wikka
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