Towards the Fragrance Beginning

Towards a fragrant beginning

Your perfume is the biggest advocate of your own self. It tells more about you than you could yourself and carries along the quality trait of bringing back memories and creating many more in its way. You should always wear the perfume that is adorned with your personality traits and marks your presence in the sands of time.

The practice of wearing your signature scent is prevalent since always. Since ages before, there were scents – unique to the bearer, then be it Royalties from the Indian history or the Gods and Goddesses from the Greek mythologies! And not to forget, it is not just humans who have signature scents for themselves but even the events, places or legacies follow this trail. Perfumes, the fashion necessity of today was once a luxury.

There are several tales depicting the important stature of fragrances in the glorious past of the world. Chinese society tend to emphasize that the perfumes weren’t originally considered a cosmetic there; rather, they were used for disinfection and purity, as it was believed that they could eliminate disease from rooms.  Then there is a picture tale on the legendary rulers Darius and Xerxes, they are shown sitting comfortably with their perfume bottles and holding perfume flowers in their hands. Again showing the importance of perfumes in relaxing oneself and how much of a luxury it was. The Egyptians were also huge fans of perfumes and are believed to be the founders of the same, as they say that fragrance was thought to be the sweat of their Sun-God, Ra. They even have a God of perfume, Nefertum and they used this lovely creation for both ceremonial and beautification purposes.

Every tradition from all forms of history has always placed these signature scents or any scents for that matter at a very high pedestal, till today since forever. These anecdotes, I guess, were not enough to make me adopt the study of perfumery. It was after hearing the age old tales of bespoke from my grandfather- in- law that I wanted to dig deeper in this area. Prince Dilip Singh of Nehtaur, used to designate his presence at every gathering with his signature smell. It was a blend of wild musk with roses which completely complimented his personality, i.e. of a powerful yet a caring individual. He narrated the memories he recalls with the fragrance of his signature attar and how it helped him stand out in the crowd of royalties, where each person had a unique fragrance of their personality or legacy. This collection of memories drove me passionate about bespoke fragrances and I started fascinating the art of exacting the personalities and memories for every individual. While there are only a few who have mastered this art, I wanted to be one of them. And this is what I do now, I translate stories to fragrances for everyone possible!

As they say, always remember, “Your fragrance is your message, your scented slogan!”

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7 thoughts on “Towards a fragrant beginning

  1. I never leave my home without using perfumes… I love musky perfumes and also floral ones… Loved the post!

  2. Fragrance indeed help in not only enhancing the mood but also in associating certain memories with certain smell. Nice blog. I particularly loved reading about Egyptians fascination towards fragrance.

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