Eat Apply Repeat

Eat Apply Repeat

“What happens in the Tyagi household on a lazy Sunday?” Asked one of my childhood friends whom I happened to catch up a week ago at a Zoom Party. She had recently started a meditation center and these days were deeply into healing and care. I figured the nature of my profession made her wonder a lot. “I paint. My kids sketch and code (respectively, you know?). We do yoga together and cook good food. Cooking together…A beautiful feeling isn’t it? Feeding your little ones the thing they hate stuffed in the food they love. Pizza is a classic example. That’s an art. Indeed. At home, I teach them to use everything that is leftover in the fridge and that happens more these days because restocking has become such a luxury. This is one thing that has been taught to me in my Parsi school. You don’t waste food. The other day while saving some potato peels my elder one looked mesmerized. When asked, he replied that he is wondering why would I save something that has no apparent use. This made me wonder too. Not the use of the peels but the level of awareness we need when it comes to food and health. Which is why today I’ll be talking about Food- Eat, Apply, Repeat

Potato Peels- In layman’s terms, Potato Peels can help get rid of your dark circles. An experienced person will say it slows down the process of aging, is an excellent exfoliator, and helps get rid of sunspots.

Black Grapes- Rich in antioxidants. They help rejuvenate the skin. A classic combination of vit c and vit e helps in skin rejuvenation and then securing the moisture as well.

Wine Therapy- Not just food, even leftover wine can come handy at times. Essentially made out of grapes, it can an excellent toner.  It helps in the treatment of dry skin and acne-prone skin. It increases circulation and helps the skin glow. Red wine also contains flavonoids that help in treating sunburnt skin and also boost antioxidant activity on the outermost layers of the skin. The spa industry is a fan.

Wine therapy and Chocolate therapy | Eat Apply Repeat

Chocolate Therapy- Applying chocolate on the skin has it’s own beauty (if you can resist eating). It breaks down the free radicals and increases the activity of collagen. Also, it provides a shield against harmful UV rays. It can be used as a face pack or as a body wash as well. There are several biologically active organic compounds in cocoa, one of them is called Flavanols. It improves the blood flow to the skin and also protects it from sun damage. Chocolate is the best thing.

Caviar Therapy- Caviar contains a high concentration of amino acids. It stimulates cell metabolism and renews skin. An excellent Ingredient for both skin and hair.

Cavier Therapy

Idli Batter- Ural Dal improves skin texture. A fact. It is packed with important minerals that make the skin look soft and supple. Leftover idli batter can do wonders to your skin. Apply as it is or add some honey for the glowing beauty!

Oats- Helps remove dirt and unclog your pores. It balances out the amount of oil on your skin and helps reducing acne as well. Who said it’s just healthy for the body?

What about the famous orange peels? I say save them too! Leftover Orange peels can be sun-dried and made into an excellent exfoliator!

Apart from everything else, we must not waste food. Teach yourself to care for the environment as well.

Eat. Apply. Repeat.

Craving for the recipes too? I read all the comments, let me know!


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