Is Holistic Healing the future of medicine

Is Holistic Healing the future of medicine?

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.

— Hippocrates, Father Of Modern Medicine

Nature is the supreme force that heals the deepest wounds of man without him knowing. The world is fighting with a deadly virus today and yes, we do not need to remind that to ourselves every day. What we need is a plan in action. One that helps us sail through this Pandemic and also continues to take us to that shore where only purity thrives! With adulterations in everything, we need to rethink our definition of “Health” and “Wellness” and do what is needed. When it comes to health, we are unusually tired of hearing that it is man’s greatest wealth. That we should appreciate our body and take care of it. But the reality is different. In most cases, health is not appreciated until sickness comes. We simply do not value our ‘good’ state until we have experienced the worst ones. It even becomes painful to simply maintain a routine when things are just fine. How does this fit into a world with increased risks? Do we even have an alternate way of healing and living ready?

Holistic Healing might just be the answer here.

An amusing fact is, most of us do not know what makes a healthy person healthy. We may scout articles or watch a professional telling us “5 Facts about Healthy People”. But it takes the first-hand experience to realize the adversities!

Fortunately, years of being in the business, intense reading, and dealing with different patients have blessed me with the knowledge when it comes to health and wellness. Being in the wellness industry for a long time, I have made many people come back to a healthy life without using harsh medicines. I call that an achievement! My secret is a simple yet enthralling one. I tried the Holistic Healing method. This method says, “You are only aligned or misaligned. In balance or out of balance. That is what makes you healthy or unhealthy.” Today, to help numb the effect of the gloomy times, let us try to know about the healing of the future, a little better.

What is holistic healing?

 Health is of three kinds:

– Physical,

– Mental

– Spiritual

The perfect alignment of the three kinds is what makes us healthy, is what makes us whole. This is the whole idea behind holistic healing. The moment we step out to treat an illness by a specialist, we try to break the body as if it’s not connected or a part of the same system.

Holistic healing is the science of rebalancing the three together to return to our natural state of being. It says physical illness may not be just physical, mental illness may not just be mental and spiritual health can be more than god, yoga and meditation. That is the basis of Holistic Healing.

Why does it make more sense today?

We are speeding towards a world where Nutritionists would be the new therapists. A world that would be more conscious than ever about what it eats, how it behaves, and how it functions. The increased sale of skincare products more than the makeup products is subtle confirmations that times are changing and this time towards self-care for betterment at a rapidly growing rate. Even the use of natural products is on a rise (refer to Managing business, kids and my skin – Lockdown Diaries) in such a world, where diseases are our stark enemies and we must do everything toward them off forever. For this, a new kind of healing needs to be cultivated. This healing, though not a new one, is a proven tactic used for ages now. I am of the opinion that this healing can overtake medicines entirely if trusted! 

I remember the time back in 2008 when I had an athlete in my clinic complaining about her inability to run like she used to because of backaches and knee pain. She had been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. What I did was help her body balance itself with the use of various body oils. These oils had anti-inflammatory and healing properties in them. They relaxed the muscle spasms and helped in lymphatic drainage. Detoxification also helped her. Eventually, because of the increased blood circulation, her health improved. Her body healed. This gave her immense confidence to run miles again. Also, as an added effect, skin health was rapidly improving. Her underlying problems were not just Arthritis, but it involved overall well-being as well. Holistic Healing improved her condition and she was back on the tracks again!

Another patient of mine wished to undergo treatment for her skin problems, acne, and hair fall. She was already taking medications for it but her body was not absorbing it well. The woman was also approaching menopause and so hormonal imbalances and stress was common. She was even trying to conceive a child. For her skin, I gave her a lymphatic drainage treatment. That released the toxins in her body and helped with the stress. For her reproductive health, I used uterine oils like Rose and Jasmine which are great for stimulating the reproductive system. Along the way, I also realized that she had shoulder pains from long hours of sitting at work. To cure this I used de-stressing and relaxing oils to give her a Cabbage Leaf Treatment.  Slowly and steadily her hormonal imbalance got cured. Because of this, skin health improved. The reaction of the oils and the treatment was such that she healed and even got so many compliments. That relaxed her mind and she even conceived later on. This is healing at its best!

There were several such examples from my clinic days. All of them echo my belief in the science of holistic healing and its goodness. The fact that the use of body oils and aromatherapy treated such severe problems, made my faith even stronger.

When I started Wikka, my thought process was clear. I would only use natural ingredients to help heal the damaged health of the skin and hair. More than beauty, my products will be wellness-oriented. I would absolutely go by the science of holistic healing. That is how it happened. My first customers were the ones who were successfully healed by me when I ran a clinic. They were frustrated and utterly disturbed by the adulteration in the beauty products in the market. Wikka came to their rescue. I can not be more grateful to people who have kept their faith in nature and oils and in me to help them be strong again. But it didn’t happen overnight. Reading and experimenting and then reading some more is what gave me the knowledge. Alternate healing is going to be the next best thing and Wikka is glad to contribute to it in its own special way.

Att Wikka, all the ingredients are natural and absolutely harmless. I’m a big fan of nature! All my skincare routine has ingredients taken from either the kitchen or the garden. This brings an important topic to light, the importance of homegrown. To have a healthier lifestyle today would mean making substantial changes in our ways and means. To say the least, it would involve being more patient and looking at our food labels and the labels of our beauty products with a critic’s eye!

Homegrown will have its own importance now. I believe producing your own supplies can be an excellent exercise to help watch out for what you eat and apply. It would also help you consume chemical-free fruits and vegetables and that’s exactly how the coming world wants us to be. Aware and Independent! 

I know we have all been struggling with skin health and health in general. A new approach altogether sounds intimidating and scary. But we need to give this wonderful way a chance to alter our lives for good! 

Let us not fall into the trap of immediate relief. Let us heal our core and live a healthy life

R.A.Arom(London), Aromatherapy Practitioner and Perfumer, Founder & Creative Director – Wikka
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3 thoughts on “Is Holistic Healing the future of medicine?

  1. Wow that’s an interesting concept. Holistic healing, I have never heard of it before. Also I always focused on being healthy physically and mentally. I was not aware of spiritual one.

  2. Wow Rupal. While I haven’t heard of this ever, it does make sense. Yes, people today are more conscious and nutritionists, and skincare is more important than ever. Thank you for shedding light on holistic healing.

  3. Wowwww this is quite insightful.. werent aware of it and the details to which it help and can be useful.

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