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Rediscovering Lost Benefits: The Natural Ingredients in my Skincare Routine

With the advent of this beautiful weather of snowflakes and soothing sunlight what also comes along are the damages to our skin. Dry skin, chapped lips and sticky hair are ready to welcome us before we welcome the winter joys in our routine. I follow a set of precautionary measures to let nothing get in my way of healthy and happy living.

I am always ready with jars of infused oils to get away with these winter woes. Preparing these oils is an easy recipe, it follows a process of transferring flavours, scents and goodness of the herbs to carrier oil. All you need to do is take about 100 grams of herbs and add them to 250 ml of carrier oil. Now, keep this mixture in the sun for about a week, this allows the oil to absorb the goodness of the herbs added to it and is good to use thereafter. The common herbs that are used to prepare infused oils are Calendula- for hydration, beautification,  antibacterial and antifungal properties, Chamomile- for allergies, calmness and acne and Lavender- for acne, hair health and digestion. The carrier oil could be any oil that suits your skin type. For winters, use the oils which are thicker in density, for example, almond oil, olive oil or a mixture of these along with castor oil. The infused oils can then be used for massaging your body, face and hair, they benefit all. Also, here is an interesting fact about the lip-smacking pickles, the oil that remains unabsorbed by the pickle is also termed as an infused oil and is very beneficial in healing the wounds on your skin. Why? Because they carry the medicinal properties of innumerable spices and other elements added in the pickle mix.

Another go-to element of my winter season skincare list is saffron strands. Add 4 strands to 1 tablespoon of milk and leave. Then add the solution to curd and use it as a face wash to maintain the moisture level of the skin. You can even add this solution to the face packs you use, it will give moisture to your skin. In my case, I add it to “Wikka Beauty Potion” and enjoy double benefits.

Now, the two basic things which I can’t live without in winters are moisturising cream and tea (lots of it). I always carry “Wikka hand nourish” with me to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. I prefer this over any other moisturising lotion because it is 100% natural and comprises of moisturising waxes and butter, and the goodness of several essential oils to maintain prolonged health of the skin. Also, the elements that it contains are very beneficial and effective for all skin types. And considering that our water intake reduces in Winters, I make sure that I remain hydrated by having lots of herbal tea throughout the day. Jasmine tea, Chamomile tea, Peppermint tea and Green tea, are my all-time favourites. These not just keep you hydrated but carry medicinal benefits as well, like maintaining the blood sugar level, helping in relaxation, reducing inflammation, treating cold symptoms, improving digestion, etc. The used tea bags can be refrigerated and then placed on the eyes too, to get rid of the puffiness. 

Keeping a careful eye on your hair is another important task in Winters. Use Amla, Reetha and Shikakai blend regularly to maintain the growth and health of your hair. This blend helps to cure almost all of the common winter problems and is totally natural. Amla contains Vitamin C, it helps in hair strengthening and prevents premature graying. Shikakai is great for hair conditioning. It nourishes the hair from within and gives an impeccable shine. And Reetha is a natural hair cleanser that works in the most gentle manner. This blend makes your hair look lively and fully prepared for every season, then come whatever may. To prepare this blend, take 1.5 handfuls of Amla, 2 handfuls of Shikakai and 1 handful of Reetha and mix them together. To convert this into a natural shampoo, add this blend to 500 ml of water, boil it and sieve the mixture.

I treat the king of the winter woes, i.e. dry lips by applying either Fresh cream (Malai) or Ghee before bed, every day. These homemade moisturisers keep dry lips miles away.

With these set of weapons, I am ready for Winters, but are you? Prepare your own set of weapons today and enjoy this beauty-filled snow age. Say yes to winter skin care home remedies.

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