My Ethereal Journey of mastering the art of Aromatherapy.

My Ethereal Journey of mastering the art of Aromatherapy.

I completed my studies in Aromatherapy in 2008 and returned with a dream of introducing it to every individual possible. I began my spree of getting people closer to nature and its benefits with a clinic of my own. Here, I successfully practised the natural ways of healing on several individuals, the results of which made them establish their faith in my beliefs.

There were people from all runs of life who started adopting natural products after witnessing its mystical powers of natural healing. I had clients with problems ranging from acne to as severe as arthritis, from those with freshly developed problems to those who started losing hope with the increasing number of remedies they tried. The one thing common amongst all was that they got the perfect cure to their ailments through natural healing. And thus, in turn, were so amused with the wonders of natural treatment that it started picking up pace with people. I was successful to an extent on establishing people’s belief in Natural healing all over again. I even worked as a professor and imparted my learning about Aromatherapy to students from diverse backgrounds such as lawyers, alternative healers, doctors etc. This was when I decided that healing people through natural ways and educating them on the same, was the thing I wanted to practice for my entire life.

While preparing concoctions I was aware that the aroma of every blend that I prepared played a vital role. My clients who loved the aroma of the concoctions showed better results than the ones who did not. This was because of the fact that whatever our mind accepts well, our body responds better to it. But the thought of making blends with the accurate knowledge of proportions, as in perfumery, made home in my mind when my friends started borrowing my blends to use as perfumes. It was then, I started developing an interest in making perfumed blends for these natural therapies. This interest led me back to the old roads of England to study Perfumery. There, I lived in the outskirts and practised under a master perfumer. Though I have been reading about this since 2002, I went on to take up a professional education for better understanding of all of its aspects because for me technical know-how is very important in any line of practice. I firmly believe that you cannot start practising your hobby on anyone just because you love or know about it. I closely witnessed and practised all the positives and negatives of each aspect and process involved in perfumery and returned only when I felt that I was ready to practise the same independently.

The perfect blend of knowledge, awareness of the power of scent in healing concoctions and interest in the same made me confident to launch my own label and helped me realise my dream in the form of my brand named ‘Wikka’. At Wikka, we prepare potions for Aromatherapy with a scent that appeals to all. These potions follow the guidelines laid by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Since then, I am working each day to make natural healing available and personalised for all those who are ailing. I strongly believe that natural healing with a signature fragrance of its own is here to stay.

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R.A.Arom(London), Aromatherapy Practitioner and Perfumer, Founder & Creative Director – Wikka
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